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July 2018: Korea's GHG Reduction Roadmap and Phase 2 Allocation Plan

​2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction RoadmapThe government has published the draft of therevised 2030 National GHG Reduction Roadmap on June 28 and announcedhat the roadmap will be finalized by the end of more

June 2018: Market Update and MSR Auction Results

2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction RoadmapThe final version of the GHG reductionroadmap was announced to be delayed, originally scheduled for release this June, raising concerns from market participants th more

May 2018: Korea ETS Update and MSR Auction

2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap As a follow-up to the panel discussion held in January 2018, the government opened another public forum to discuss the 2030 GHG Reduction Roadmap. In Januar more

April 2018: Korean Market Update & Foreign Offset Draft Rules

The Korean government has released several documents containing the draft amendments to the ETS’ auction procedures and foreign offset rules in early March. The Phase 2 of the ETS is set to start it more

March 2018: Korea ETS offset rules and CORSIA

The Korean government has recently released the draft amendments to the scheme concerning the auction procedures and overseas business reduction projects. The draft rules are under a three-week co more

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