Ecoeye develops and finances carbon credit projects all around the world that reduces emissions, contribute to global sustainability, environmental goals and mitigating climate change. In addition, our projects directly contribute to local and indigenous communities in accordance with the UN’s sustainable development goals. We develop and implement projects on clean cooking initiatives, blue carbon, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture among others.

Types of projects

Cookstove Supply Project

Our improved and efficient cookstove supply projects have reduced carbon emissions through fuel efficiency improvement.

As a result, we have reduced the use of firewood which helps conserve and preserve our forests, improve the health of household users, and promote gender equity.

Blue carbon restoration

One of our natural climate solutions projects is the blue carbon sequestration,
such as mangrove forest restoration, absorbing carbon emissions and
bringing co-benefits in the area of marine preservation and coastal protection.

Sustainable agriculture (AWD)

Under sustainable agriculture, we are implementing techniques such as the
alternate-wetting-drying (AWD) to conserve water through the efficient
distribution of water to paddy fields. This controlled irrigation strategy promotes the
improvement of soil quality and effective methane reduction.

LED Replacement Project

LED projects are widely adopted and popular carbon reduction technology that
provides energy saving and energy efficiency benefits using light emitting
diodes (LED) light bulbs in communities and cities. By switching to LED bulbs,
electricity use is reduced and promotes low-carbon energy transition.

PNG Pipe Leakage Prevention

Our projects focus on prevention measures to reduce and repair methane leaks from
pipes of processing plants and large distribution facilities, as well as installing technologies
and equipment, thereby reducing methane emissions and preventing gas explosion.

Renewable Energy
(wind power, solar energy)

Our projects in the renewable energy sector focus on producing eco-friendly
electricity from well-regarded sources such as wind and solar.