Ecoeye at COP25

Ecoeye is thrilled to take part in various side events of the upcoming COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Our experts are scheduled to deliver presentations from December 9 to 12 ranging from our ongoing GHG red more

November 2019: Korean Market Update

Korean Market UpdateKAU19's total intramarket trading volume in October was about 200,000 tons, all of which were traded through intraday trades, and majority of permits were estimated to be from the more

October 2019: Korean Market Update

Korean Market UpdateThe total trading volume in the second phase’s first compliance year amounted to 32.4 million tons (excluding September’s OTC), with 8.98 million tons (27.8%) traded in the Exchang more

September 2019: Korean Market Update

Korean Market UpdateKAU18 prices continuously increased since August 2018 experiencing a temporary fall in mid-May 2019 due to the impending enforcement of the carryover restrictions that was assumed more

August 2019: Korean Market Situation

Korean Market SituationKAU18 prices has steadily increased from the start of 2019 due to factors such as low market liquidity, monthly auction prices, and the carryover restrictions. Front year allowa more

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