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December 2018: Korean Market Year-end Update

Korea Emission Trading SchemeMarket and Policy IssuesAfter the notification of the Phase 2 quota on the 31st of October, the Korea Exchange has included in the listing the permits for 2019 and 2020. T more

November 2018: Phase II Market Update and Emissions Trend

Korea Emission Trading SchemeThe Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Korea ETS Phase 2 Forum to discuss the key tasks for the successful operation of the second phase of the emission tra more

October 2018: Korean Market Update

Korea Emission Trading SchemeThe Ministry of Environment released the operation results of the ETS following the completion of the compliance obligations of the last remaining companies.The first phas more

September 2018: Korea ETS Phase 2 Analysis

Third Energy Master PlanOn September 6, a forum was held to discuss the Third Energy Master Plan and was attended by related officials and stakeholders to discuss the international energy demand and s more

August 2018: Korea ETS Update

​2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap and Phase 2 Allocation PlanSouth Korea's GHG roadmap and second phase allocation plan have been approved by the Cabinet and the Green Growth Committee in an ass more

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