April 2018: Korean Market Update & Foreign Offset Draft Rules

The Korean government has released several documents containing the draft amendments to the ETS’ auction procedures and foreign offset rules in early March. The Phase 2 of the ETS is set to start it more

March 2018: Korea ETS offset rules and CORSIA

The Korean government has recently released the draft amendments to the scheme concerning the auction procedures and overseas business reduction projects. The draft rules are under a three-week co more

February 2018: Korean Climate Policies and ETS forecast

Korea’s current commitment to the Paris Agreement is to reduce GHG emissions by 37% by 2030. One of the government’s main instruments is the Korea Emission Trading Scheme (K-ETS) established in Janu more

January 2018: Korea ETS Phase 1 Review

Korea’s Emissions Trading Scheme came into force on January 2015 covering 525 entities (600 entities at present) from the energy, industry, building, waste and transport sectors. The ETS will opera more

Korean Market: Cooling period after government steps in (December 2017)

After the South Korean government revealed its proposed plan on the second phase of the ETS and indicated that it considers stronger market interference measures, the price of Korean carbon allowan more

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