February 2019: Korean Market Update


Korea Emission Trading Scheme

K-ETS Auction of Allowances

Korea's first ETS allowance auction was held on January 23, 2019 where four companies won a total of 550,000 tons at the bid price of KRW 25,500 per ton. The auction posted a 194.55% bid rate.  


Korean Market Update

Market Analysis and Short-term Outlook

KAU18 prices climbed from KRW 25,000 to KRW 27,050 after January and February's auctions, reinforcing the continuous price increase for six consecutive months. There are several instances when both KAU18 and KOC prices rose without trading volume. Although the market has seen a partial resumption of sales due to the price increase, continued supply shortage and price increase are expected. 



[published: 2019-February-18]