December 2018: Korean Market Year-end Update


Korea Emission Trading Scheme

Market and Policy Issues

After the notification of the Phase 2 quota on the 31st of October, the Korea Exchange has included in the listing the permits for 2019 and 2020. The base price of KRW 23,200 has been applied following the closing price of KAU18 on the listing day.  



Korean Market Update

Market Analysis and Outlook

KAU18 prices have shown a price uptrend for three consecutive months since September 2018 while KOC prices have closed in the level of KAUs. The number of buying orders significantly increased to 1 million tons in October and November 2018. It is expected that after the announcement of the allocation plan for 2019, auction participation strategies will be established between companies.  



[published: 2018-December-18]