November 2018: Phase II Market Update and Emissions Trend


Korea Emission Trading Scheme

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Korea ETS Phase 2 Forum to discuss the key tasks for the successful operation of the second phase of the emission trading scheme. 

In 2017, the trading volume increased three times while the trading value increased 3.4 times. Trading companies also increased 1.2 times while the number of trading days decreased by 80 percent as supply and demand imbalance continued. 




Korean Market Update

Final notification of the Phase 2 quota for each sector was released on October 31, 2018. Adjustment factors vary between companies in the range of 93-95 percent for the industry and 73-75 percent for power generation. 

KAU18 prices continue its gradual increase due to supply shortage. From September to October 2018, the rate rose by 4.5 percent with only minute volume exchanging. 


[published: 2018-November-13]