October 2018: Korean Market Update


Korea Emission Trading Scheme

The Ministry of Environment released the operation results of the ETS following the completion of the compliance obligations of the last remaining companies. 

The first phase had a final allocation of 1,685.58 million tons, excluding the amount of stabilization reserves, where 1,669.43 million tons were rendered as certified emissions leaving 16.2 million tons of surplus or 0.96% of the total quota. 


Korean Market Update

Phase 2 trading activity started full operations after the closure of the 2017 compliance year. The month was a period of stagnant trade with only 1 to 2 KAU trades a day. KAU18's price increased by 600 to KRW 22,200 and was expected to maintain the KRW 22,000 - KRW 23,000 level due to lack of trade. 


[published: 2018-October-23]