September 2018: Korea ETS Phase 2 Analysis


Third Energy Master Plan

On September 6, a forum was held to discuss the Third Energy Master Plan and was attended by related officials and stakeholders to discuss the international energy demand and supply, energy management plans, development of environment-friendly technologies, and international cooperation among others. The draft proposal will be created by the Working Group and will be presented on mid-October 2018. 

Korean Market Update

The government has released the second phase of the National Emission Permit Allocation Plan last July 2018. The allocation plan was delayed from its original schedule due to changes in the responsible agencies and the government's new policies. The second phase is allocated with 1,796 million tons. Phase 2 is 2% higher than the emissions in 2014-2016. 

Covered entities were given until the end of August 2018 to apply for allocations. The result will be out by the end of October 2018. 




[published: 2018-September-13]