May 2018: Korea ETS Update and MSR Auction


2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap

As a follow-up to the panel discussion held in January 2018, the government opened another public forum to discuss the 2030 GHG Reduction Roadmap. In January, the government presented their intent to change the emission reduction calculation and the plan to include non-ETS sectors in its domestic reduction targets in addition to the country’s energy transition target laid in the 8th Basic Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand... 


ETS (2015-2016) Operational Report

Korea’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center (GIR), the country’s GHG inventory and mitigation think-tank, published a comprehensive analysis report of the ETS’ first (2015) and second (2016) compliance years. The report provides an overview of the ETS, quota allocation and submission results, emission trading market, and survey results for the improvement of the system... 


Foreign Offset Eligibility Rules

Projects developed and registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and are directly implemented by Korean domestic companies in any foreign nation are eligible in the scheme. Only vintage 2016 CERs (June 1, 2016) are qualified to be converted to Korean Offset Credits (KOCs) for use in the Phase 2 of the ETS. The scheme will implement two types of certification validity – fixed and renewable that covers 10 years and 7 years, respectively... 



[published: 2018-May-15]

[updated: 2018-May-15 17:05]