Weekly Update: 2022 July 15

Price update for week ending July 15 - 


KAU21 prices closed today at ₩18,600 for a weekly loss of -10.58%. After the compliance deadline on June 30, transactions have decreased significantly. The market has been dominated by sellers for two weeks showing a bid-offer ratio of 40:60 at the lowest.


Meanwhile, trading has picked up on KAU22 allowances with the demand pushing prices up gradually reaching ₩26,000 this week. In contrast, buyers are dominating in the KAU22 market with the buying rate maintained at above 40%.


The first monthly auction for KAU22 held this week came back with a bid rate of 111.41% after more than a year of being severely undersubscribed, signifying the increase in appetite for 2022 allowances. The auction cleared at the price of ₩24,000—7.7% lower than the KAU22 market closing price of ₩26,000 on the same day.


KOCs have also seen trades minimal trades this week. KOC20-22 closed at ₩20,000 and KOC22-24 at ₩24,000.