October 2019: Korean Market Update



Korean Market Update


The total trading volume in the second phase’s first compliance year amounted to 32.4 million tons (excluding September’s OTC), with 8.98 million tons (27.8%) traded in the Exchange and 23.4 million tons (72.2%) via OTC. In particular, more than 70% of the KAU18 OTC transactions between May and August 2019 are estimated to be SWAP transactions between KAU18 and KAU19.  


KAU18 prices remained at the KRW 29,000 - KRW 30,000 levels since it first broke the psychological resistance of KRW 30,000 on August 13, and began its uptrend after the September 11 deadline for banking and borrowing applications.  




[published: 2019-October-04]